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BCA offers comprehensive Limudei Kodesh and secular studies, taught by dedicated, caring educators, who fully prepare students for any institution of higher learning of their choice. Small class size allows students to receive the personal attention needed to help them reach their full potential. Accommodations are made for various levels of study.

Limudei Kodesh - Judaic Studies

Our comprehensive Limudei Kodesh program focuses on building textual skills that assist students in becoming lifelong learners. Emphasis on relevant lessons helps define current issues in light of Torah and Chassidus.  Texts in Chumash and Navi are studied accompanied by mefarshim, and students’ thinking skills are developed as they delve into answers for questions that may arise.  Classes in Halacha, Chassidus, and Parsha expose our students to the beauty and vast depth of Jewish learning.  Tanya, Likkutei Sichos, and Maamar classes give students the opportunities to ask meaningful questions on issues relevant to their lives as young Jewish women.  In the course of four years, a thorough overview of Jewish History is undertaken. Beginning with the Babylonian Exile, through the turbulent Second Temple Era, the Talmudic Era, Jewish life in Eastern Europe, and the Land of Israel through our present time, the course focuses on the eternal spirit of the Jewish nation through the light of Torah.

Chesed is an integral part of the school curriculum.  Students are required to complete thirty hours of community chesed during the school year.  Students interact with residents at the senior home, help area shluchim during the Yomim Tovim, tutor and organize programs for younger children.

Bnos Chabad

An active Bnos Chabad, working with a BCA Madricha, plans school programs, interschool Shabbatons, and farbrengens, with students taking on leadership roles heading the different committees.  Rosh Chodesh programs give students extra opportunities for seminars, workshops, interclass competitions, and discussions on timely topics.  All the yomei dpagra are marked with meaningful programs, such as Mother-Daughter night, special projects, contests, and insightful speakers.  In addition, students have the opportunity to express their creativity through our annual musical production.

A BCA Mechaneches is available to speak with the students to help them in their growth as individuals and their journey through high school.

Limudei Chol – Secular Studies

In the rigorous secular program, students advance through a challenging 4-year sequence in English Composition and Literature, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  AP courses are offered to students desiring a greater challenge.  Additionally, courses in Art, Graphic Design, Public Speaking/Debate, and Physical Education complete the program.

In conjunction with Contemporary World History class, students will focus on some of the world’s most beautiful pieces of literature. Personal responses and reactions to the literature will form the basis for the students’ creative and critical writing assignments.
This course examines the size and shape of geometric objects within a framework of points, lines and planes. The scientific method of investigating and validating facts is used with the fundamentals of logic to gain knowledge and insight.
This is a sequence of two one-year courses that are designed to provide the student with a comprehensive overview and understanding of American cultural, political, social, military and economic history. These courses examine trends, events, ideas, and people that have been and are the American story.
Students will study life at the cellular and organic level. They will investigate the chemical processes of cells, reproduction, and genetics of organisms and the physiology of a representative group of animals from hydra to man. A variety of laboratory and group activities will be utilized to enhance problem solving skills and conceptual understanding.