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Students will study life at the cellular and organic level.  They will investigate the chemical processes of cells, reproduction, and genetics of organisms and the physiology of a representative group of animals from hydra to man.  A variety of laboratory and group activities will be utilized to enhance problem solving skills and conceptual understanding.


In this course, students will study the concepts of matter. Topics include laws governing the behavior of matter, the Atomic Theory, formulas, equations, and chemical reactions. A variety of laboratory and group activities will be used to develop skills in applying the scientific method.


Students will explore the concepts of force, energy, motion, electricity, magnetism, sound and optics. Emphasis is on comprehension of concepts and practical application rather than mathematical theories.

Environmental Science

Students will learn the fundamentals governing natural systems in the hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Human impact on these systems will be discussed, including methods of mitigation, minimization of impact, and cost/benefit analysis of these solutions. Lessons are reinforced through field trips, in-class demonstrations, guest lectures, and computer activities.

Science electives at the AP level will be available for the individual student.