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Chumash (Torah) חומש

Chumash learning begins with Bereishit, and progresses through the Bamidbar and Devarim with increasing in depth understanding of our Holy Writs.

  • Grade 1: First chapter in Sefer Bereishit; identification of a Parshah, Perek, Pasuk; recognizing stop signs in Chumash.
  • Grade 2: Complete Portion of Bereishit, Noach, and Lech-Lecha; recognition of repetitive roots in Chumash and prefixes and suffixes.
  • Grade 3: Portions through Toldot; decoding; understanding main ideas and sequencing of events; study of Rashi Script and Commentary.
  • Grade 4: Portions of Vayetzei until completion of Sefer Bereishit; emphasis on Rashi commentary from text; identification of Rashi’s question and answer; build on Chumash vocabulary by recognizing familiar words; translate entire phrases and understand content; understand “who is speaking, to whom, and about what”; understand and answer questions in Hebrew.
  • Grade 5: Portion of Shemot through Yitro; increase in Rashi commentary; what question is Rashi trying to answer; translate Pesukim on own; familiarity with Onkelos; understand and answer questions in Hebrew; summarize Pesukim; connect ideas in chapters; identify questions that may arise in a Pasuk; relevant lessons for daily life; introduction of Siftei Chachamim and Baal Haturim.
  • Grade 6: Completion of Sefer Shemot; Rashi commentary; analysis of a Pasuk; summarization in Hebrew; independent learning; note-taking skills; visuals in creation of the Mishkan and its vessels; continuation of Siftei Chachamim and Baal Haturim.
  • Grades 7 & 8: Sefer Bamidbar; fluency in Rashi; introduction of other commentaries; independent study; research; development of analytical thinking; projects.