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Safah, Kriah, Ktiva (Hebrew Language Arts)

Students become familiar and comfortable with our Holy Tongue, building a love of Israel and Torah.

  • Grade 1: Review of all letter and vowel sounds; blending of letters; reading words from text.
  • Grade 2: Proper penmanship; vocabulary enrichment; possessive nouns; identification of verbs and their roots; adjectives; present and past tenses in grammar; continuation of number count; reading comprehension and oral discussion, punctuation and spelling; writing short compositions; identification of all nouns as to their number and gender.
  • Grade 3: Proper penmanship, punctuation, and spelling; dictation; conversational Hebrew: family, around the house, food, days of the week, numbers; reading stories and emphasis on vocabulary; analyze and identify simple verbs as to their root and tense; prefixes and suffixes; comprehend main idea of a Hebrew paragraph and explain in own words; respond to questions, orally and in writing, in complete sentences; recognition and usage of adverbs and adjectives; dictionary skills; composition skills.
  • Grade 4: Conversational Hebrew based on short stories; increase in vocabulary; dialogues among students; identification of pronouns in possessive forms; “Hay HaYediah” & “Hay HaSheaylah”; composition writing and summarization of stories; future tense in grammar; proper use of infinitives, prepositions, and conjunctions; homonyms and antonyms; identification of all nouns as to their number and gender; proper spelling.
  • Grade 5: Conversational Hebrew: shopping, transportation, and home furnishings; increase in vocabulary; creative writing; conjugation of verbs in Nifal; accurate spelling; short stories.
  • Grade 6: Conversational Hebrew: units covering post office, restaurant and travel; skills in composition; enrichment in vocabulary; verbs in Binyan Nifal and Piel; reading stories and comprehension; student presentations and demonstrations.
  • Grades 7 & 8: Conversational Hebrew; conjugate all forms of grammar; comprehension; composition writing, letter writing; dialogues; literary comprehension.