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Prayers, knowledge, and familiarity are age appropriate, emphasizing our need and ability to speak to and connect with Hashem in Heaven.

  • Grade 1: Recital of basic daily Tefillot and addition of new Tefillot; reading from Siddur by mid-year.
  • Grade 2: Accurate reading of all prayers from previous year and addition of new Shacharit prayers; practice of reading from Siddur in various parts of Davening; Siddur Geography.
  • Grade 3: Proficiency in Tefillot of previous years and increase in morning prayers, including complete Amidah; reading practice in various parts of Siddur, and continuation of Siddur; geography to include Shabbat tefillot.
  • Grade 4: Daily Tefillot and introduction of new Tefillot; reading practice from other parts of Tefillah; concepts in prayer.
  • Grade 5: Familiarity with all tefillot of previous years; Tefillot Rosh Chodesh; concepts in prayer.
  • Grade 6: All Tefillot of previous years; Tachanun; concepts in prayer.
  • Grades 7 & 8: Proficiency in all tefillot previously learned and in Siddur geography; a look at the Machzor; concepts in prayer.