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Dear Alumni,

Thank you very much for making this “virtual homecoming” to your alma mater. Whether you graduated from New Haven Hebrew Day School, Boys Torah High School, Bais Chana Academy High School for Girls, or Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy, we are all very happy to welcome you back! The journeys you have embarked upon since moving on from our schools are as diverse and unique as each one of our students has been for seventy years! Some of you stayed close to your roots in New Haven, building your lives, professions, and families in the community which brought you to our schools in the first place. You have entrusted the education of your children and grandchildren with us, and for that we are grateful. Many more of you are spread across the globe, on five continents, speaking many different languages, fulfilling careers as teachers, nurses, doctors, writers, lawyers, businessmen and women, chefs and restaurateurs, scholars, cantors, rabbis, religious school directors, Shluchim, etc. Your families have grown to include children, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren. Yet, however near or far you are, you all share something that can never be replaced; the strong foundation given to you at our schools, a love of your Jewish heritage, and a desire to keep Yiddishkeit and the study of Torah thriving forever.

I hope you will enjoy browsing our beautiful new website.  Please take some time to send us your news, your memories, and your successes.  You can reconnect with friends in our online Facebook community, and as always, our doors at 261 Derby Avenue, Orange, Connecticut, will be open to you.


Rabbi Sheya Hecht


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