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Giving Opportunities

Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy has lovingly educated Jewish children for over 65 years. More than 3,500 children have spent their formative years in our classrooms and we take great pride in the accomplishments they have made throughout the world.

Staying true to our mission, we never turn down a child for lack of funds. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial aid are needed each year. We invite you to partner with us in providing children with the first rate education they deserve.

Thank you for your generous support.

Rabbi Sheya Hecht

Head of School

Other Ways To Donate:
Thank You!

The entire Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy family – students, parents, faculty, and staff – thank you in advance for partnering with us to provide students with the outstanding education we have given to so many others. In so doing, you are ensuring the future of Judaism.

Join With Us!
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