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Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy is a community school founded by Chabad and open to all Jewish students, Preschool through eighth grade. The school provides an excellent Judaic and secular education in an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm, to help students develop into responsible and capable leaders with an enduring love of Judaism. With this foundation, graduates are well prepared with the skills to continue their education at the institution of their choice. The school recognizes the importance of dedicated faculty and parents working together to imbue students with Torah values, community responsibility, and a love of Israel. SCHA encourages each child to develop as a whole, by building fine character traits and instilling a life-long love of learning.

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K-12 Misson
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SCHA (K - 8) Full-time Only


New Family Application Fee - SCHA & Preschool - $50

New Family Application Fee - BCA - $75

New Family Registration Fee - $250

Annual Re-Enrollment - Early (Feb 1-Apr 15) - $250

Annual Re-Enrollment - Late (Apr 16 and after) - $400

Annual Building Fund (per family) - $750

Graduation Fee (8th & 12th Grade) - $150

Late Pickup Fee (starts at 4pm) - $5 per 15 minutes


Kindergarten through Grade 8 - Full Days - $13,500


Building Fund Commitment

Each family is responsible for $750 for the SCHA Building Fund. If the full amount is not received by December 31, of the current school year, the remaining amount will be billed through the FACTS Tuition Management & Payment Processing System.

Registration Contract

  • The non-refundable Registration Fee of $250 for new families and early (Feb 1-Apr 15) re-enrollment for existing families per student must accompany each application. The re-enrollment fee rises to $400 per student after April 15th.

  • All pupils are accepted on the basis of a ten-month school year as defined by the Board of Admissions. No exceptions to this rule may be made.

  • The non-refundable registration fee and completed registration forms reserve a space for each child. Upon notice of financial commitment, a meeting will be held with the business office to sign the financial contract.


Financial Aid

Financial Aid is provided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Business Office for information.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid.


Thank you to all those who contribute to our Scholarship Fund including:

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and Federation for Jewish Philanthropy of Upper Fairfield County (who provide grants for students in their catchment area).

Payment Method


Tuition payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management & Payment Processing System. You can set up your account during your registration meeting with the business office or directly at their website by clicking on their logo.

K-12 Tuition


“Quality Education Rooted in Values … Planting the Seeds for Future Success”

At Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy that motto is our guiding principle. Our challenging, dual curriculums of Judaic and Secular studies complement each other. Teachers work together to create a seamless learning experience based on the following principles:

  • All children can experience success in learning.

  • Assessing children’s prior knowledge identifies the starting point of new learning

  • Intervention options ensure student achievement

  • A strong partnership among home, school, and the community promotes students’ success

  • A variety of tools that are consistent, ongoing, and aligned with instruction can best assess student progress

Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy was founded on the ideals of Torah and as such, ethics and values are incorporated into every aspect of the student’s day. Our students develop outstanding academic and social skills while building the self-confidence necessary to succeed in a contemporary world.



Contact Us

For a detailed list of skills and benchmarks for each age group, please call the school to schedule an interview. 

K-12 Curriculum


Baruch Kaplan (Principal)

Barbara Peck (Secular Principal)

Vicki Downs  (K, Secular)

Pessy Malachowski (K, Judaic)

Rebecca Chen (K, Asst.)

Rachel Northrop (1 & 4, Secular)
Chaya Sara Barrocas (1, Judaic)

Molly Florio (2 & 5, Secular)

Schneur Wilhelm (2, Judaic)

Amber Militrano (3 & 6, Secular)

Mendel Barrocas (3 & 5-8B, Judaic)

Bailey Zurita, (4 & 5) Secular

Moshe Barrocas (4 & 5, Judaic) 

Christine Wypy (5 & 6, Secular)
Beila Prescott (5 & 6, Judaic)

Bracha Cheruff (6, Judaic)
Joseph Hartmann (6,7,8, Judaic)

Nadja Malvares (7 & 8 Math)

Virgillo Hunter (7 & 8 Social Studies       and Language Arts)

Malka Katz (7/8, Judaic)

Rivka Miriam Brackman (7/8, Judaic)

Theresa Pearce (Science Enrichment)

Tamar Feinsod (7/8 Science)

Chaya Brummel (Arts/Crafts)

Chava Light (Art)
Rivka Rosenberger (PE)

Beth Lopez (7/8 B PE)
Louise Bisch (Librarian)

Kerilynn Apuzzo (Nurse)

Michele Champagne (Receptionist)

Betzalel Sandman (Tutor)

Patricia Bruder (Head Secretary)

Our Staff




Bekiyus Initiative

Bekiyus Initiative


Vocabulary / אוצר מלים

Chumash / חומש

Navi / נביא

Halacha / הלכה ומנהג

Talmud/ גמרא

For Students by Students

ידיעה כללית

All Subjects

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