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SCHA Preschool provides your child with a stimulating, joyful and enriching educational experience in a nurturing and loving environment.


The uniqueness of every child is underscored with the axiom “Chanoch L’Na’ar Al Pi Darko” ~ “Educate your child according to his/her way.” Our teachers recognize that each child has his or her own unique needs, interests, and passions. Hence, our teachers prepare their lessons following Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which enables each child to learn, explore, and discover in ways harmonious to his or her own unique mind. By tapping into each child’s individual talents, we build upon each child’s strengths.

Our Jewish values drive the curriculum, environment, and school culture. We model and encourage kindness, respect, compassion, confidence, and responsibility. Judaism teaches that the formative years of early childhood are vitally important. A child is viewed as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care, since the child's every experience will shape and color the quality of his or her matured self.

Our Mission

The Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy Preschool’s mission is:

To nourish your child’s heart and mind as we develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

To encourage self-confidence and individuality by helping young children to enhance their learning and socializing abilities.

To soften the transition from home to the outside world by providing a physically and emotionally safe, stable, and nurturing environment.

To foster enthusiasm for learning and to encourage each child’s natural creativity and curiosity.

To provide a curriculum geared to the different and developing interests of each child.

To increase language development, positive social interaction, and readiness skills.

To encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability.

To provide a setting rich in materials and resources, a caring and highly qualified staff, a developmentally-appropriate program, and activities that are both teacher-guided and child-initiated.

To provide rich and meaningful Jewish content, including Jewish holidays, music, traditions, and the Hebrew alphabet and language.

To enhance the learning experiences with enrichment classes such as music, gym, library, baking, and art.

To communicate to parents the philosophy, goals, and program of the SCHA Preschool and to provide opportunities for parent involvement and education.

To enrich school experiences by using community resources and outside professionals in the field of early childhood education.

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Academic Philosophy & Mission
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New Family Application Fee - SCHA & Preschool - $50

New Family Application Fee - BCA - $75

New Family Registration Fee - $250

Annual Re-Enrollment - Early (Feb 1-Apr 15) - $250

Annual Re-Enrollment - Late (Apr 16 and after) - $400

Annual Building Fund (per family) - $750

Graduation Fee (8th & 12th Grade) - $150

Late Pickup Fee (starts at 4pm) - $5 per 15 minutes


SCHA Preschool Toddlers Program

Mornings (8:15a – 12:30p) 

3 Mornings - $4,500

4 Mornings - $6,000

5 Mornings - $7,500

Full Days (8:15-3:45) 

3 Days - $7,500

4 Days - $10,000

5 Days - $12,000

SCHA Preschool Nursery 3 and Pre-K Programs

Mornings (8:15a – 12:30p) 

3 Mornings - $4,200

4 Mornings - $5,500

5 Mornings - $7,000

Full Days (8:15-3:45) 

3 Days - $7,000

4 Days - $9,200

5 Days - $11,500

Building Fund Commitment

Each family is responsible for $750 for the SCHA Building Fund. If the full amount is not received by December 31, of the current school year, the remaining amount will be billed through the FACTS Tuition Management & Payment Processing System.

Registration Contract

  • The non-refundable Registration Fee of $250 for new families and early (Feb 1-Apr 15) re-enrollment for existing families per student must accompany each application. The re-enrollment fee rises to $400 per student after April 15th.

  • All pupils are accepted on the basis of a ten-month school year as defined by the Board of Admissions. No exceptions to this rule may be made.

  • The non-refundable registration fee and completed registration forms reserve a space for each child. Upon notice of financial commitment, a meeting will be held with the business office to sign the financial contract.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is provided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Business Office for information.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid.


Families may be eligible for Financial Aid through the Connecticut Care 4 Kids Program. Click on the logo to be connected to their website.

Payment Method


Tuition payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management & Payment Processing System. You can set up your account during your registration meeting with the business office or directly at their website by clicking on their logo.



Our comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program is designed to promote each child's intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth throughout a child’s early childhood years. Our program is designed with each specific age in mind: Early Toddlers, Toddlers, Nursery 3, and Pre-K. Games, play and activities are skill-based and goal oriented, so that the children are growing with everything that they do.
The SCHA Preschool recognizes that every child has unique learning styles and play interests. With this in mind, we provide a differentiated curriculum that is adapted for each child.

For a detailed list of skills and benchmarks for each age group, please call the school to schedule an interview. 

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Raizy Kaplan, Preschool Director

Lina Molina

and Chaya Drukier

Myriam Barrocas

and Shayna Segal

Sara Burns

and Rivka Luchins

Gina Salvio

and Shana Grun

Esther Ulman

and Amy Malone

Nava Benichoov

and Julia Weinstein

Julie Hasselmann

and Nomi Sandman

Carol Elkies,

Rivka Fenton

and Rochel Alperowitz

Our Staff




Preschool Handbook


The SCHA Preschool offers many enrichment opportunities during school hours for all Preschool classes. In addition to our ongoing enrichment programs, special visitors are invited throughout the year to present a program or workshop to enhance what the children are learning, and to expose the children to various experiences that may interest them.

All of our enrichment classes are taught by professionals in each field and are held on site under the supervision of our own SCHA Preschool teaching staff. All classes follow a developmentally, child friendly philosophy and are positive enriching experiences for your child.

Some of our ongoing enrichment classes include:

  • Music Together

  • Music Musings

  • Full of Joy Yoga

  • Gym Class

  • Library Hour

  • Shabbat Sing Along

  • Challah Baking

  • Friday Shabbat Celebrations

  • Art Program

  • Ivrit B’Ivrit Music and Movement

  • Edible Creations/Baking

Enrichment Programs
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